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Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording


"There's no substitute for a video recording whether you want to validate a claim or ensure that you retain a record of something for posterity. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to use a traditional video recording device or even your cell phone to capture the footage that you require. That's why engineers worked diligently to create this Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording, creating a device that can truly be used anywhere to create crystal clear recordings. Click here to see video quality.

Perfectly Discreet
The Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording has the look of a luxury ball point pen, the kind used by many executives, but despite its elegant, classic appearance, it's no ordinary writing implement. Hidden at the top of the pen just above the clip is a powerful, yet tiny digital video camera and a microphone. There is also a micro DVR inside that can hold up to 4 gigabytes of data. Even when you examine the pen up close, it's difficult to tell that you're looking at a recording device and not just a plain old pen. The discreet design of the spy pen camera allows it to be used in any type of setting without being detected, as even its power light is positioned to not be visible during recording.

So Simple to Use
With the Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording, you can capture images and sound without being detected in any location. The spy pen camera is easy to use, so you can start and stop recording in an instant. Just place the pen upright in a shirt pocket or the pen holder of a bag and push on the top when you're ready to begin recording and push again to stop. When you want to view the footage, you can unscrew the pen in the middle and insert the top portion into the USB port on a computer. The plug and play design allows you to access data on any desktop or laptop without having to install drivers or software. The lithium-ion battery inside of the pen camera can also be recharged with the USB.

Often Copied, Never Duplicated
Many manufacturers carry spy pen products but none can truly compare with the Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording. Inferior spy camera pen products produce much lower picture quality, and it can be difficult to make out images or hear the sounds properly. Only this spy pen features the latest in micro imaging and audio technology to offer video and audio that is of unparalleled quality.

An Endless Array of Uses
The Quality Spy Pen Camera with Recording truly has an unlimited number of uses. The spy camera pen is ideal for acquiring evidence of wrongdoing in the workplace or monitoring what takes place inside of a room when you're not present. Not just for spy applications, the pen camera can also be used to record meetings or interviews for later review or for recording lectures, seminars and speeches."