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Honeywell Vista Austomation Module-VAM and VAM-WH


"The Honeywell Vista Automation Module VAM and VAM-WH is a state of the art device that allows business owners and homeowners to create smart buildings that are secure, efficient and convenient. Available in black or white to complement any decor, the module is the heart of Honeywell's Z-wave system and can greatly simplify managing any home or commercial building.

Centralized Control for Your Entire Building

With the Honeywell Vista Automation Module VAM and VAM-WH and compatible accessories, you can control many parts of your home or business with the utmost of ease. The module can be connected to your security alarm system and your CCTV system, and you can even connect it to any of your thermostats, locks, lights and window shades that are outfitted with Z-Wave technology. Once the system is set up, you can use the module to control your entire smart home system with the touch of a button. Plus, you can remotely control the system with an iOS or Android mobile device, with a television connected to the Internet or any computer.

Create Scenes to Automate Your Building

With the Honeywell Vista Automation Module VAM and VAM-WH, you can set up scenes that you can then initiate with the touch of a button. For example, you can create an Away scene that would activate your security system and cameras, leave on key lights, keep your doors locked and lower the heat in your home during the winter months. The system can store up to 10 scenes, and you can have them engage automatically at certain times of the day or manually initiate them from the module or your mobile device.

Stay Up to Date on What's Going on at Work or Home

Even though the Honeywell Vista Automation Module VAM and VAM-WH will allow you to automate many functions of your home or commercial building, you can still be kept up to date about what's taking place, so that you'll have peace of mind that your system is working as intended. You can set up four different email addresses to receive notifications when key actions take place. For example, you may receive an email when the alarm system turns on or when the thermostat automatically switches from heating to cooling. The information is delivered in real time, allowing you to know right when the action or event took place.

Simplify Security and More

Programming the Honeywell Vista Automation Module VAM and VAM-WH is incredibly easy. You can group together parts of the system that have a similar function to make creating scenes or manually controlling your system an effortless task. For example, you can set up your security alarm system, your CCTV cameras and your door locks to always be engaged and disengaged together. The options for groupings are unlimited, so you can completely customize programming to simplify the process as much as possible."

  • Centralized local control of the following directly on web-enabled devices:
    – Security
    – Video cameras
    – Z-Wave enabled thermostats, lights, locks, shades
  • Built-in web server that broadcasts its own network and allows for local control of the system through any Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphone, iPad®, iPhone®, PC, Internet TV, tablet, etc.)
  • Built-in Z-Wave controller allows for 232 Z-Wave devices (check compatibility chart for specific devices)
  • Connect up to 32 MPEG4, H.264 or Onvif format IP cameras to a VAM system and view up to four cameras at once (quad view) on local Wi-Fi enabled devices (check compatibility chart for specific devices)
  • Supports Honeywell’s low-light IP camera (iPCAM-WL) that allows for a better viewing experience in low light and dark areas
  • Remote software updates can automatically be sent to any field installed VAM connected to the Internet
    – Ensures that end-users always have the latest VAM features and benefits
  • Email notification of system actions and events
    – Supports up to four different email addresses
  • Customize up to 10 scenes to have system devices operate based on time, day or system events
  • Sunrise/Sunset – Scenes automatically update based on sunrise/sunset times/changes
  • Group similar devices (all locks, all cameras, etc.) to reduce programming time and complexity when creating customized scenes
  • Compatible with most new and existing VISTA systems (check compatibility chart for specific controls)
  • Communicates and gets power over four-wire ECP connection to VISTA
  • Choose from black or white models to blend with any décor
  • Honeywell Total Connect compatible
  • Visit the Tuxedo Touch™ dealer toolkit at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/ for more information about VAM:
    – All compatible Z-Wave devices
    – All compatible IP cameras
    – All compatible tablets/Wi-Fi enabled devices
    – Training videos
    – Sales/introductory videos
    – Product literature and images
    – Latest software revision for manual downloading