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Honeywell Wireless L3000PK

$240.00 $220.00

An alarm system can give you peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders, but shopping for the perfect wireless security system can be stressful for many people. That's why we've put together the Honeywell Wireless L3000PK Bundle especially for the needs of homeowners like you. This stand alone wireless alarm system includes everything necessary to protect your home and can be used with a monthly alarm monitoring service if you wish.

Flexible Controls

The Honeywell Wireless L3000PK Wireless Security System is designed to be easy to control, so that you can activate and deactivate the system quickly and reduce the risk of false alarms. The stand alone wireless alarm system includes a wall-mounted control panel with a simple-to-operate straightforward design and a clear digital display. Indicator lights are also included to let you know the status of the system. The wall panel runs on electricity, but it has a 4-hour battery back-up feature to protect your home during power outages. With the system, you also receive a key fob that allows you to turn the system on or off from outside or inside of your home right from your key chain.

Protection for Key Windows and Doors

With the Honeywell Wireless L3000PK Wireless Security System, you'll receive a total of three door and window transmitters. Easy to mount, the transmitters feature magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loops. What this means is that the transmitter has one magnetized component that is mounted on the door or window, and another  magnetized component that is mounted opposite it on the window or door frame. When the system is armed, if the magnetic contact is broken, the alarm is instantly triggered. The window and door alarms are completely wireless, so you don't need to run cords to the control panel or elsewhere in your home for installation.

Smart Motion Detection

The Honeywell Wireless L3000PK Wireless Home Security System also includes a Honeywell 5800PIR Fully Featured Wireless PIR Motion Sensor. The smart design of this motion sensor allows it to ignore the movements of family pets to reduce the likelihood of false alarms. The motion sensor uses passive infrared sensors and temperature sensors to detect intruders who enter the protected area in a home, and it features a testing mode to simplify installation.

Customize Your System

When you choose the Honeywell Wireless L3000PK Wireless Home Security System as your stand alone wireless alarm system, you can customize your setup with ease. You can purchase extra door and window transmitters to protect additional points of entry in your home. Extra key fobs are also available to add to your order, so that every member of the family can have one on his or her key chain.