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1000 ft. 350MHz CMR STP Shielded Solid Cat5e Cable, Gray


Want to ensure that your home security system can communicate at the fastest possible rate while still keeping your setup economical? The 1000 ft. 350MHz CMR STP Shielded Solid Cat5e Cable is the perfect solution. Our 1000ft cat5 cable gives you plenty of length to simplify installation and comes with full RoHS compliance ratings and ETL verification to ensure safe operation in homes and businesses.

The 1000 ft. 350MHz CMR STP Shielded Solid Cat5e Cable is a shielded networking cable, which is also sometimes called an STP Cat5e. This means that the interior of the cable is a layer of shielding made out of aluminum. The purpose of the shielding is to block out as much electromagnetic interference as possible to ensure the smooth transmission of data along the cable. EMI can be given off by everything from fluorescent lighting to heating and cooling systems to elevators to power lines and in some homes and offices can slow down and disrupt networking communications. Many professional installers prefer to use shielded Cat5e cables for all projects in order to ensure that interference is reduced as much as possible.

Inside of the 1000 ft. 350MHz CMR STP Shielded Solid Cat5e Cable is four conductor pairs crafted out of solid annealed bare copper. Copper is considered the best material for use in networking cables because it offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility as well as resistance to corrosion to ensure that the cable lasts for as long as possible. Our gray networking cable features a flame-retardant PVC jacket to further ensure safety.

Applicable Standards
  • ETL listed type FTP
  • C(ETL) listed FT4 FTP
  • ETL verified to TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801
  • RoHS compliant
  • ATM 155 Mbps
  • Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-VG, 100BASE-T4, 1000 Mbps 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) and 16 Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5)

    Physical Characteristics
      Number of Conductor Pairs 4
      Size 24 AWG
      Stranding Solid
      Conductor Material Solid Annealed Bare Copper
      Shield Material Aluminum Foil Shield
      Rip Cord Yes
      Insulation Material Polyethylene
      Insulation Overall Diameter 0.0381" ± 0.001"
      Insulation Average Thickness 0.009"
      Jacket Flame Retardant PVC
      Outer Jacket Average Wall Thickness 0.0236"
      Outer Jacket Nominal O.D. 0.242"
      Nominal Weight 30lbs

      Mechanical Characteristics

      Temperature Rating Installation 0° C to 60° C

      Operating -40° C to 75° C
      Tensile Strength Before > = 19 Mpa
      Elongation Aging > = 300%
      Aging Condition
      100° C x 96 hours

      After > = 80% of unaged

      Aging > = 50% of unaged

      Color Code

      Pair 1 White/Blue Blue
      Pair 2 White/Orange Orange
      Pair 3 White/Green Green
      Pair 4 White/Brown Brown